Step Five ~ Final Details

The last step in learning to read Hebrew is to learn the way the schwa works, and how to read whole words.

The schwa, in its basic form, signals the "uh" sound, like the "u" in "nut." When the schwa appears later in a word, it signals the absence of a vowel, somewhat like the "b" in "dubbed." If another schwa appears in a word, it again signals its normal "uh" sound.

The video below helps to explain this, along with a couple of other small variations.

Here is the entire playlist of these videos on youtube, and nine more videos that have Hebrew, transliteration, and audio pronounciation of the words that are good ways to put what you've learned into use.

Here is the whole learning series.
Alef-Bet | Doubles | Vowels | Sofit Letters | Final Parts

Other Recommended Resources

Tehillim ~ Psalms ~ There is a bewildering array of books of psalms in Hebrew, so here are my favorites, and other books that are basic to any Judaica collection.

Other Hebrew Learning Resources

Hebrew Basics Chart Poster
Hebrew Basics Chart Poster by RafiMetzDesign

Hebrew Letter / Vowel Chart Poster
Hebrew Letter / Vowel Chart Poster by RafiMetzDesign

Hebrew Primer ~ The Book Version of These Lessons

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