Here Are Some Other Items With My Designs:

Colors, patterns, and symbols combine in my creative process and ornament a wide variety of products. I like design challenges of almost every kind, and am coming up with new stuff every day, so keep checking in!

I've been collecting design sources for thirty years, and have created all kinds of art in various media. I am fascinated by pattern and form. I especially enjoy working Jewish themes into my art.

People have fun with my designs using the customizing tools available on the zazzle website, where you can put your name or words on pillows, phone cases, table runners and cloths, serving trays, napkins and paper plates, with my art as the background. In these cases, the product has a "frame" or "window" where your words fit, with a prepared template and many interesting fonts to choose from.

I also have a selection of wrapping paper, fabric, and paper goods.

I've also got art posters, with a special section of Jewish themed posters.

In addition to the wide variety of fun designs for the general audience and all kinds of tastes, I have big selection of items that make excellent wedding gifts and practical items suitable for Jewish homes who want to "hidur l'mitzvah," that is, "beautify the mitzvah."

My favorite wedding gift that I've already given to three couples is my translation of the Song of Solomon, a beautiful hardbound book in Hebrew and English with lush artwork and rubric. Another book that's now available is a "Book of Days" for recording important dates like weddings, births, and yahrzeits.

My products are unique, and not only are they not in competition with any others I've seen, they can't be found anywhere else.

To see the books I've made, visit my book page, and here are the various products I've created on zazzle.com.

My Original Patterns
by Rafi

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