"Learn to Read Hebrew," a Book of Exercises
Designed by Rafi Metz

This book is arranged to guide the student through the process of learning to read Hebrew by a series of specific steps. It does not teach grammar or comprehension, which are a much different project. Any use of Hebrew for reading requires the skills demonstrated here.

Ideally, this will be used in conjunction with a teacher, or using online tutorial material. The intent of this book is to present the letters in a large, un-crowded and clear font, and to provide exercises in the form of visual mnemonic devices. By the end, you will be able to read the short “Modeh Ani,” meditation, and Psalm 23 and Psalm 121.

The book comes in two sizes:

5" x 8" 32 Pages softcover $10.00
8" x 11" 22 pages softcover $10.00 (includes Torah trope chart)

Both versions have the same, large, clear fonts that are easy on the eyes and easy to learn from. The larger version includes a chart of the trup for reading the haftarah. Screen shots of the pages are shown below.

Again, because the book opens from the left, like all Hebrew books, the Blurb preview will seem to be "upside down," but you can still see the detail and then just flip the book over when it's in your hands.

Here is the series of Hebrew-learning videos I've created that go with the books.

Pages From the Book:

Pages Shown Actual Size:

Here is a series of videos I've made that teaches
Hebrew Reading in a graduated series from the very beginning.

Hebrew Basics Chart
Hebrew Basics Chart - Learn the Alef Beis in One Simple Chart
by RafiMetzDesign

Hebrew Letter / Vowel Chart Poster
Hebrew Letter / Vowel Chart Poster by RafiMetzDesign

Coming Soon: Posters and Flash Cards for the classroom. To see the other books I've made, visit my book page, and here are the various products I've created on zazzle.com.

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