Mussar Cards By Rafi Metz

Concepts of Mussar Flash Cards
Designed by Rafi Metz

"Mussar" is a Hebrew word from Proverbs 1:2 which means "moral conduct," "instruction," or "discipline." "Mussar" can be called the "distillation of Jewish ethics," and as such, also a way to strengthen the spiritual connection between Heaven and Earth.

Mussar began as a defined movement in the early 19th Century, founded by Rabbi Yisrael Lipkin Salanter (1810–1883).

This set of flashcards was inspired by Alan Morinis in his book Everyday Holiness, and actualizes one of his suggestions to make cards to serve as reminders of the basic concepts of Mussar, the subject of his books and workshops. The 20 cards in this deck are each a short meditation on one of the"middot" (meaning "attributes") - key concepts of Mussar, such as "truth," "patience," "enthusiasm," "silence," "generosity," etc.

"Everyday Holiness" by Alan Morinis, is a contemporary introduction to this formerly impenetrable corpus of Jewish thought. He provides a history of the movement, and then a whole chapter on each concept. Visit Mussar Institute to purchase the book and explore the various resources.

The cards come shrink-wrapped in a set of 20. Displayed on a simple business card rack, each card provides a reminder on your desk, nightstand or shtender to work one of the particular concepts into your daily life.



Mussar Institute Deck

In addition to the Mussar Institute Deck I've designed different backs
for the decks just for esthetic interests. The fronts of the cards don't change.
The cards have curved corners and are laminated exactly like commercial playing cards.



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