Thailand 2017

Here are photos, videos, and audio recordings I'm making in Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2017. Most of the material was collected in February, while I had the scooter. March has been yoga / rejuvenation month. Photos include views in the Mae Kuang area, preceded by the slides of Tao Gardens Resort. Episode Two has photos of Wat Doi Suthep, the spectacular temple on the mountain - a bath of gold and an green glass model of the emerald Buddha ~ amazing. Episode Three is 68 images has pictures of the umbrella / paper making place, the massive Suiseki gardens at Roong Aroon Hotsprings, Sippa Hotsprings, Sabai Sabai, La Bhu Salah, and and various other places I visited in the Mae On area.

Here's the second Thai 2017 Rafi's Media page:

Thailand Media Page Two

Both of these pages are loaded backwards - that is, what's at the bottom of the page is the earliest material, with newer things as you get to the top. The first thing that happened during my trip was the funerals, which were incredible, and are documented in photos, videos, and audio (at the bottom of this page). The funeral of the monk was said to be an incredibly rare event, and the fireworks display was beyond description. My camerawork and editing is sketchy, all done on my iphone an using cloud-based editing tools.

Sam Kamphaeng Hot Springs, and Sippa Hot Springs. Also shots of the massive Suisekei rocks at Roong a Roon Hot Springs

Here are videos and slides of a Funeral at Wat Chettha Woracoop (Wat Pa Khui), Chiang Mai, Thailand 2017. The videos of the fireworks and cremation of the Monk document a fireworks display beyond my wildest imaginings. I was only able to capture part of it, because the display in the sky above was hard to capture. People who stayed at the bungalows said it was like New Years in New York - the floor show took the cake though, and here are some samples. These videos were all made with an iphone, chromebook, the youtubecapture app, and youtubes playlist tool ~ so some of the clips are out of order, my camera work is occasionally passable - eeesh - anyway - it's a taste ~ enjoy!

The video of the second funeral is among the first few in the playlist, and shows the procession through the streets, where they have to hold the power lines up to get through. Also I totally missed the fireworks at the first funeral, which were beautiful, though modest in comparison to those on Sunday night.

Here are several videos of Enchanted Garden Bungalows, Where I stayed most of my trip.
The two audios sound great played together...
Here is extended audio of the Sanskrit chanting that preceded the fireworks

Here is the sound of the fireworks and the "Elephant Moans," the huge bamboo whistles that go off at the climax.

Thailand Media Page Two

Wat pa Pao is a striking example of a Burmese style temple and was built by Shans in 1883 who had come to Chiang Mai to work with the British in the logging industry and desired their own Buddhist place of worship. It is surrounded by a sunken courtyard and contains a brick and cement chedi, a bot and a more recently constructed viharn. The Shan design of the roof of the bot is in the form of a “pyatthat”, which is a tall series of tiers, the last one topped by a spire. The vaulted interior houses three Buddha images.
from: Thailand's World


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