Our Meditation is:

  • Spiritual but not "Religious"
  • Structured but not Dogmatic
  • Ceremonious but not Pious
  • Mystical yet Practical
  • Profound yet Lighthearted
  • Guided yet Participatory
  • Educational yet Entertaining

Our Upcoming Meditation:

Monday, August 17th, 7 pm

Of Lions, Spheres, and Heavens

Jupiter, the storyteller, unwinds his Aquarian ribbon, as we contemplate the music of the spheres. The tone of each sefer will be sounded as we hear descriptions of the seven heavens assigned with each, and sift through the various associations. The stately Lion of summer will shape our affirmations, emphasizing dignity, ability, actualization of goals, creativity, and warm relationship radiating from the open, confident, kind heart. Kabbalah for all levels: learn, heal, be calmed, grow your self, and revel in the feast of beautiful images.

Last month's event:

Monday, July 20th, 7 pm

The Fulsom Summertime
Monday, July 20, 2009 7:00 PM

Join us as we ascend through the Four Worlds with visualizations, intonations, breathing practice, and meditation on the rich fullness of Summer, vining freely on the trellis of the Tree of the Sefirot.

Revel with us in the Field of Sacred Apples, in the Bower of the Miniature Presence, the Zer Anpin ~

We begin at seven, and go for about 90 minutes. There are standing and sitting parts, chairs optional and available; there are call and response sections, all optional and easy going.

With the Moon balsamic in Cancer, and Mars/Venus in Gemini, we will instill a childlike simplicity and sense of play, enriched with inspiring imagery and wisps of story.

We hope to see you there!

The recording below is from March, 2009. The meditation includes a "Limpia," or "cleansing," using lemon acacia branches that are shaken over and on the participants during a chant. Another feature is that we also now each compose an affirmation at the end that is repeated by the group. : [51 minutes] There will be no more recordings made since this one is sufficient to give an idea of what the meditation is like.

Four World Meditation


The Four World Meditations are guided experiences based on the Tree of the Sefirot, and draw from a variety of mystical traditions. The intention is to facilitate an internal journey that teaches, attunes, and calms, while also intoning affirmations, generating gratitude, and advancing spiritual growth.

We traverse the Tree of Life, ascending through the Four Worlds, contemplating the Sefirot, learning and experiencing in the same process.

This 90 minute meditation is in English, Hebrew, Aramaic and Sanskrit, and includes Tibetan singing bell purifications, breathwork, and affirmations and chants appropriate to the part of the Tree we're in. Clearly-readable transliterations of the various languages makes it easy to say the foreign words.

The evening moves through a variety of "tones," with call-and-response, singing, repeated themes, and positive affirmations. Though built around the 4 Kabbalistic worlds, it includes word images and ideas from the Zohar, Talmud, Ezekiel, Lao Tzu, Patanjali, Shakespeare, Blake, Navajo rites, and many others.

Breathwork principles and reminders are woven in to vitalize, cleanse our auras, enhance the learning process, and encourage the blossoming of consciousness fueled by "Prana-" breath - life force, and its "yama," or practice.

Each monthly gathering serves as both a "101" type learning experience, and as a depth experience for those who are more familiar with Kabbalah, or any of the other variety of traditions we might draw from. The aim is to cultivate personal strengths and self development in each of the participants, and to set intentions and ideas that will bear practical fruit in the real world.

By combining various principles of awareness-enhancing techniques, we create sustained moments of meaning and connection for the participants, and provide tools for life outside the meditation.

An especially popular segment is the "Cura" - where participants are wafted into a fragrant forest while I sing in Spanish of flying hummingbirds and condors, and curing sweet little souls, and shake branches of fresh eucalyptus lightly over their heads and shoulders.

Seasonal changes, astrological configurations, and topical memes are woven in each month, so that no two evenings are exactly the same, with a familiar structure providing continuity and a temporal syntax.

If possible, be there for the beginning - there are important ideas that it's best to hear in their earliest form...

(¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.-> <-.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯)

The meditations are led by Rafi Metz, who has been a student of the mysteries for more than 30 years. Our meetings are held at the Metaphysical Research Society at 7th and Odgen Streets in Denver's Capitol Hill Neighborhood, in the spectacular Egyptian Temple Room. More details are here, and Rafi's Kabbalah Hyperpedia, ifdawn.com, is a great source of information. Here is my page juxtaposing Judaic and Vedic philosopies.

The 'script' I use for the meditation is drawn from Kabbalah, Buddhism, Yoga philosophy, Navajo rites, and modern sources. Woven into the text are snippets of William Blake, Walt Whitman, Shakespeare, Lao Tzu, Ezekiel, the Upanishads, Tagore, Yogananda, etc. At many moments during the hour, participants are able to intone these words and phrases with intention and in a meditative state, often in Hebrew or Sanskrit, and thus absorb the ideas more completely.

An extended version of the Meditation was included in the June 1st, 2008 Bodyawn Workshop.

The meditations are held at the Metaphysical Research Society at 7th and Ogden [northeast corner] in Denver, Colorado. [MAP]

"One who learns without then teaching is like a thief" - Talmud, Pirke Avot

If everyone waited to achieve mastery before they taught, there would have been no teachers since the time of the prophets. Just a student, my goal is to share what I've learned, and what I am currently learning. It's all an adventure of discovery. I love feedback and suggestions.

Casual / Adventurous Attire is Welcome

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